It is a hot summer day. The temperature has reached 95 degrees but the heat index declares it to feel like 110 degrees. Either your father is yelling at you to cut his yard or your wife is.

So, you have no choice but to go out and cut the grass. Even though it is the middle of the summer, it just so happens to rain at least one time every week. As such, after cutting the grass last week, you find the grass is just as high as ever. You head out to get on the push mower and get started.

However, it seems you have run out of gas and don’t have any spare. Your wife took your car and you must have the yard cut before she gets.

This leaves you to have to cut the yard with the push mower in 110-degree weather. You take your shirt off and begin to torture yourself to get your lawn mowed.

We have all had that day. Maybe not exactly as described, but something similar. Running into issues with cutting your lawn happens. There is nothing much we can do to prevent this. No matter how fast your grass grows, it still needs to be cut.

But, what if you didn’t have to cut your yard? What if there was another option available for you other than hiring someone to cut your yard. Well, there is!

Technology has developed far enough to provide you with a robotic lawn mower. It is exactly what it sounds. Worx provides a mower that will get your lawn mowed for you without you ever having to get up. If this sounds too good to be true, join us below for further details on the Worx 28-Volt Landroid Robotic Lawn Mower.


The Worx Robotic Lawn Mower is fully programmed right out of the box. When you receive your product, it is easy to set up and get started with. The size and technology used in the landroid mower makes it possible to make very complicated cuts.

Getting into small or tight spaces is also fully accomplishable with this mower. A special shock sensor system is used inside the mower to keep it moving around any obstacles in its path.

Afraid of the rain messing up your mower? No worries. Worx has put a built-in function into the mower that has it return to its base when it starts to rain or it needs to be charged.

The cutting height of the mower is 1.6-inches to 4-inches. It comes with 5 different cutting height positions. Flipping over the cover on the top of the mower reveals its user-friendly interface.

Here you are able to do some easy programming and customization of the mowers settings. Worried about whether the mower is strong enough to go up heels? Don’t be. It comes included with two brushless motors that are independent of each other.

The mower is more than capable of cutting on uneven terrain up to 20 degrees of incline or decline. Such an advanced technology must have anti-theft features to it. You can set a PIN-enabled lock onto your mower and also activate an anti-theft alarm.

There are also other safety features including automatic shutdown to prevent injury. Unlike most lawn mowers, this beauty is quiet.

You can run it during late nights or early morning and not get any complaints. Since it runs off batteries, it is also very eco-friendly. It has no gas emissions.


  • Makes extremely complicated cuts and can maneuver through narrow passage ways
  • Includes 5 different cutting height positions
  • Comes pre-programmed. No prior programming knowledge required to get things working
  • Has automatic rain detection and low battery detection
  • Works on heels, both inclined and declined
  • Includes several Anti-theft features including an alarm and a security PIN
  • Very quiet and eco-friendly, emitting zero-emission
  • Innovative shock sensor allowing for your mower to avoid any obstacles in your yard


  • Occasionally will need to move it back to the base manually for charging
  • Setting up perimeter wire can take some time if your yard is big
  • Cleaning the blades is necessary after multiple uses


You no longer have to worry about cutting grass in the heat. The Worx 28-Volt Robotic Lawn Mower comes with many features that make cutting your lawn much easier.

It can do everything you can and more. It is easily programmable and comes pre-programmed right out of the box. The instructions are very easy to understand and you can get started using the mower right away.

Before you begin using the mower, setting up your perimeter is important. This way the mower knows its boundaries.

Setting up the perimeter can take some time if your lawn is bigger. This is well worth the setup however as it only needs to be done once.

You should also be aware that cutting with the mower’s blade can leave grass building up over time. Every 3 or 4 cuts will require you to clean its blade. This is a small price to pay to not have to cut in 110-degree weather.


There are very few robotic lawn mowers out on the market. These are a rather new device. Compared to conventional lawn mowers, however, robotic mowers excel in every way.

Not only do you not have to worry about expending so much energy with a power mower in the heat, but you now can cut your grass whenever you feel like it.

That may be around 7:00 PM when it seems impossible to cut the grass without any lights. A robotic lawn mower does more than any other standard mower could possibly think of doing.


There is no arguing here, the Worx 28-Volt Landroid Robotic Lawn mower is a great device. With automatic detection features, several Anti-theft functionalities, and an eco-friendly build, you can not go wrong with this mower.

With this product, you never have to worry about cutting your grass again. The entire process is made simpler and is worth the investment.