Do you live in a trailer park? If so, your lawn is likely small. This doesn’t change the fact that it needs to be cut. Sometimes, landlords do not do the cutting for you.

Perhaps you live in a house with a small yard. The same applies here. Keeping your lawn grass short not only makes you look better in your neighbor’s eyes, but it keeps snakes and other critters away.

Some people own many acres of land. This may require a larger mower. In the hot sun, cutting all that grass can be both tiresome and almost seem impossible.

These scenarios are basic and deciding on a mower size can be easy there. However, there are situations where you find yourself not knowing what size lawn mower you need. That is perfectly understandable.

Lawn mowers are expensive and you will want to do everything in your power not to spend more money than you have to. Lawn mowers come in all kinds of sizes and shapes.

Picking between them all can be hard. Let’s make it a bit more simple by discussing the different types of lawn mowers available.

Different Types of Lawn Mowers

To get a rough idea of the options you have when choosing a lawn mower, we will discuss a few different types of lawn mowers.

Basic Push Reel Mower

This is a very traditional mower. Invented in 1830, these types of mowers have a gear that spins a few blades and work together to cut your grass. It is one of the safest mowers to use and also very eco-friendly.

It is not very efficient for cutting larger areas of grass, but for small yards, it is fun and easy to use. You should also be aware that it does not do a good job of cutting on uneven ground.

Walk Behind Push Mower 

One of the more popular lawn mowers of our time, this mower is suitable for small to mid-range yards. Some push powers come with a throttle option that helps you push it, but most older models do not.

Expect to expend a lot of energy with this mower. Rotary Push Mowers are relatively cheap and affordable. Mowers like this one is great for cutting taller grass if it has the engine to handle it. If you want to start a lawn care business you need a gas powered commercial push mower.

Hover Mowers 

Not seen as often as push mowers, hover mowers use a rotary mower design, but has an impeller built above the blades. This impeller pushes air down that creates a cushion that lifts the mower above the ground.

This allows for easy, stress-free movement. This is only possible due to the lightweight nature of hover mowers. It is typically composed of plastic and an electric motor.

A lot of times hover mowers are used for golf courses and by commercial landscapers. A great mower for larger areas. Keep in mind though that the air pushing downwards can provide lower quality cutting.

Riding Lawn Mowers 

Arguably the most seen mower, the riding lawn mower is excellent for large lawns. With cushion seats and speed controls, they make cutting grass much easier.

As such, these mowers are higher priced and require special care to keep them in top shape as the years pass by. You do lack maneuverability with this type of mower, but that is not that important when it comes to mowing large areas.

Zero Turn Mowers are a specific type of ride on lawn mower with a turning radius that is effectively zero. These typically cost more than a standard riding lawn mower, however they are much more versatile. They cut so closely to obstacles that there is barely a need to trim!

Robotic Lawn Mowers 

This type of lawn mower is newer. They provide an automatic way to cook your lawn, no supervision need. Most are preprogrammed and will cut your yard in the set perimeter it has.

These are very expensive for the type of mowing you will be doing with it. The perimeter wire that comes with it usually only covers a standard yard that can be mowed with a push mower. However, we do think Robotic Lawn Mowers are the future and will eventually have a big impact on lawn care businesses.

Interested in Robotic Lawn Mowers? Check out our review of the popular Worx 28Volt Landroid Robotic Lawn Mower.

What Size Lawn Mower Do I Need?

Now that you have seen some of the lawn mowers available on today’s market, you should have a good general overview when deciding on the type of lawn mower you need. Let’s put that into comparison to the size of your yard.

Small Yard 

If you have a small yard, you should only be looking for a push mower. Rotary mowers do a fantastic job of cutting grass. They are cheap and easy to take care of. You will likely have the same push mower for many years to come.

Saving the money with these mowers is worth the exercise you must put in to cut your yard. If your yard is as small as you think, however, you still do not have to expel that much energy.

Medium-Sized Yard 

Living in a neighbor with a medium sized yard means you might want to invest in a riding mower. Ride mowers are very versatile and provide effortless cutting. You still have to go out in the heat to cut the grass, but this way you are doing it while sitting.

With more grass to cut, being able to adjust speeds and get the job done faster is wonderful. A little pricier than push mowers, ride mowers are still a great choice for medium-sized yards. 

Large Yards 

Larger yards are a bit trickier. You have several options here. You can easily go with a riding mower here as well. The time it will take you to cut your grass is longer, but you also save money.

If you have it to spend, getting a garden tractor or lawn tractor is what you need. Tractors can cover a lot of ground very fast and very efficiently.

Ranging somewhere between $1000 and $1500, you get exactly what you pay for. Grass can grow fairly fast, so having a tractor ensures you will be able to cut your grass quickly when you are forced to.