A common summer job is to start a lawn mowing service. A lot of the time, this includes doing trimming of bushes and especially weeds. Many people find themselves either too busy or too tired to go through a field of weeds. This is perfectible understandable.

Even after the summer, grass still needs to be cut. What most people do is ignore the weeds growing in their yard. Once you notice that it is getting out of hand, you will likely be on the lookout for a trimmer.

Dealing with thick weed that needs to be trimmed can be tricky. Having a good trimmer lawn mower is a good way to fix this issue. These types of patches will put a lot of stress on a normal long mower. It is not advised to do so unless you want to ruin your mower.

Some areas can be difficult to get with even a handheld string trimmer, so looking to a wheeled trimmer is your best option. Having a 22-Inch cutting width will have you getting done in no time. This width allows for you to cut more at once.

Remington offers just this. A wonderfully made 22-inch trimmer lawn mower. Let’s discuss why the Remington 22-Inch Trimmer Lawn Mower should be your choice of mower for those thick weeds.


Remington has put a nice 159CC 4-Cycle engine inside of this trimmer. Storing is essentially easy. With an easy-to-use folding handle, transporting this trimmer is very convenient.

If you ever run into any places that seem out of reach, the offset trimmer head will help you get them cut. The design of the 22-inch cutting width makes cutting quick and lets you go through rough terrain much better.

No matter how tall or tough the grass may seem, using Remington’s trimmer will make the entire process much easier. The trimmer is simple to set up, even for those not mechanically inclined. Expect a smooth cut.

You have no need to worry about the trimmer being heavy or wearing you out while you are cutting. It is also extremely fuel efficient.

This will save you a lot of money down the road. The strength of the trimmer is also unmatched. It can cut through a lot of things including up to 2-inch plants.


  • 22-Inch cutting width
  • Easy to store
  • Off-set trimmer head allowing you to get to hard to reach spots
  • Easy to set up
  • Lightweight and agile


  • Can pull to the left on occasion
  • Best for tougher thick weeds and not small or normal weeds
  • Engine operates at preset speed


The Remington 22-Inch Trimmer is a well-made trimmer. If you are looking to trim small weeds, you should stick with a weed eater.

However, if you have some thick or tall weeds and want to cover a large area in the fastest manner possible, you will be pleased with this trimmer. With a 22-inch cutting width and lightweight design, you will be cutting through weeds with ease.

Little energy is required to be expelled when cutting with this trimmer. It can easily be stored at the end of the day or when you need to trim someone else’s yard. It is also a great trimmer for complete beginners as it is easy to setup and use.


Every trimmer is different. Depending on your use of the trimmer, it can either work well for you or bad. Let’s compare the Remington 22-inch trimmer to another well-made trimmer on the market.

The Poulan Pro High Wheel Lawn Trimmer is a similarly designed trimmer. It offers a 22-inch cutting width similar to Remington’s. The wheels are high allowing for better maneuverability in your yard when cutting.

You are also able to adjust the cutting height from 1.6-inches to 3.04-inches. This gives you more options when choosing how tall you want your weeds to be.

One difference between these two trimmers is its engine. Poulan Pro provides a 163CC engine as compared to Remington’s 190CC. This does make a significant difference when cutting your weeds.

The engine of Poulan Pro’s trimmer cannot keep up with Remington’s in term of speed due to this. Poulan Pro’s trimmer has to work harder to get things done faster than Remington’s. This will cause more stress on the trimmer as well.

Poulan Pro’s trimmer also does not contain a throttle. This is the same for Remington’s trimmer. If you want to be able to control the speed at which the trimmer is going, you simply cannot.

This can deter you from both trimmers, however, you should not have much to worry about here. Controlling the throttle does not matter much when cutting such high weeds. If the job gets done, the speed of the throttle should not matter much.


When it comes down to it, Remington’s 22-Inch Trimmer offers a lot. A lot of people like to cut other’s lawns during the summer. Getting paid for cutting grass is always a good thing.

The Remington trimmer is perfect for these types of situations. Not only is it easily transportable, but it is lightweight as well. The engine might operate at a preset speed, but you will easily be able to get the job done.

The off-set trimmer head makes the hardest of spots easy to get to. You can easily impress your family, friends, and client that you are cutting grass for.

Getting through a yard is quick and efficient with the 22-inch cutting width. Keep in mind that 190CC for an engine is great. Poulan Pro’s trimmer only goes to 163CC. Choosing a lower engine power means that your trimmer will have to work twice as hard to get the same job done as another trimmer with higher engine power.

Remington has made great trimmer perfect for several occasions. If you have a forest of weeds to go through, you cannot go wrong with Remington’s trimmer.

Set up the trimmer easily, adjust for it pulling to the left a little bit, and get to cutting those weeds faster.