Business cards are important marketing and advertising tools for your lawn care business. The Lawn Business Success Course will expertly and affordably teach you about the importance of business cards and why marketing your lawn business correctly is crucial to its success.

A business card displays the company name, person’s full name, the company’s website, email address, phone number/s, and even their social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. It is a vital networking tool used to promote one’s business and provide people with an easy to reach method of accessing the company’s details.

A business card can be both physical and digital. Email signatures now often include digital business cards. In fact today, people are able to send virtual cards easily and quickly via their smart phones. For the time being, however, we will concentrate on physical business cards but it’s important to remember that all artwork and designs created for physical business cards can be easily transferred for digital purposes.

When paying for professional design services, it’s essential to retain all original artwork, including graphic and logo design in jpeg, psd, png, tiff and gif formats.

An effective business card is like a constantly running advertisement. It promotes you and your company even when you’re not actively trying to market yourself or your business. Your fantastic and professional work speaks for itself, so why not capitalize on a job well done?

Consider for a moment that you just expertly completed the landscaping and gardening of a beautiful home. People walk by and are able to witness the manicured hedges, neatly pruned trees, foliage and stunning assortment of flowers in full bloom. What a shame if the home’s owner had no way to provide your details to a guest visiting.

On the contrary, this regular client is so pleased with the quality and standard of your work that she even offers to give friends, acquaintances and people asking for a lawn care professional your business cards. What a difference that makes! Why not take every available opportunity to further market your business, as this makes your results work for you.

Lawn Marketing 101 is an excellent way to hone your marketing skills and capitalize on all available ways you can grow your business.  In marketing, the unfortunate fact remains that when someone is dissatisfied with a product or service they communicate this to approximately 11 people. However, when someone is satisfied they only relate this information to on average 1 other person.

In order to maximize and grow your business and convert a happy client into a plethora of others, business cards will most definitely help you achieve this goal. Even neighbors in the street will undoubtedly ask who or which company is doing such an expert landscaping job. When you place business cards at your loyal client’s home, you can increase your client base substantially.

Creating your company’s business card is easier and simpler than ever before. Gone are the days when you had to sit with a graphic designer paying by the hour and wait for countless days until the printer shop had printed your business cards.

Today, there are numerous online companies that take your designed business cards, print them the exact way you desire and ship them out to you and it’s done immediately. These companies have revolutionized the way we order and receive our business cards. There is an abundance of wonderful sites offering high quality, custom made, yet affordable business cards and all at the click of a button.

A recent survey was conducted by and people voted to decide the top 5 online business card printing sites. They included,,, and Of all the selected companies, received nearly 56% of the votes, making it the definite winner.

Moo provides high quality cards and card stock, plenty of already made designs, the ability to custom make your own as well, reasonable pricing and special deals offered in conjunction with sites like Facebook and for free business cards. Cards are available in a variety of sizes from mini cards to full sized, standard business cards (2×3 inches) and their printing and shipping are extremely fast and reliable.

There are also specific online landscaping business card sites that will provide you with images appropriately reflecting the business of landscaping. is just one of the companies that offers you customized graphics and images like a lush green lawn, photos of lawn mowers and other equipment, beautifully manicured gardens and many more fantastic options.

Their landscaping standard business cards offer templates that are fully customizable. You can create your own logo without needing to pay a graphic designer an hourly fee. It’s very simple to edit the existing design and alter it to your liking. You can easily update your cards by changing the logo, the background and every image and photo, as often as you like.

If you have specials for Christmas for example, this is a perfect way to renew people’s interest. Being able to offer something that costs you very little time or money and is so convenient by being shipped directly to you, all with the click of a mouse, is too beneficial to ignore.