When you purchase the Lawn Business Success Course, for a limited time, a bonus book is available to you at no extra cost. This Bonus book includes essential information pertaining to lawn contracts and includes both residential and commercial contracts.

While it is advisable to consult a lawyer, there are templates for lawn maintenance contracts available online and for free. Even if only creating the ‘bare bones’ of the contract, so that you can limit fees associated with preparing a contract, these online tools are terrific.

Additionally, the sample lawn contracts will provide you with a very useful guide in order to prepare your own contracts. Sites such as template.net, provides you with many samples and templates that are downloadable for free. On the site are many examples of lawn service contracts and these will save you a lot of time and money.

However, the best and most comprehensive place to find all information pertaining to lawn maintenance contracts is in The Lawn Business Success Course. Why spend countless hours trying to find the relevant documents, samples and templates, when you can consult one source that provides you with all the tools you require?

What is a contract and why is it required?

A contract is a legally binding, written document that outlines the understandings, obligations and agreed upon terms between the parties. It binds each party to his/her duties. For the lawn professional it ensures payment for services rendered and for the recipient of those services, it ensures that the services will be completed in accordance with the agreed upon terms.

Especially for the lawn care specialist, contracts make certain that payment of services provided ensues. No one wants to find themselves in a situation in which they have successfully completed a job only to discover that the party for whom the work was completed, refuses to pay. A contract ensures that a legally enforceable agreement is entered into between both parties.

The contract is not only to safeguard payment but the contract also stipulates that both an offer and acceptance of that offer have transpired.

It also states that each party has a legal capacity to enter into the contract, which is a legal obligation for a valid contract and furthermore that each party has entered into the contract devoid of duress, meaning that they do so of their own free will and with an accurate understanding and granting consent for entering into the contract.

If a party entered into a contract under duress or if the contract contained false statements or unconscionable dealings then it would render the contract null and void.

Another aspect that determines the validity and enforceability of a lawn care business contract is whether you have obtained the relevant business licenses and whether you have the correct insurance as is required by the law.

If all of these very technical terms are confronting and troublesome, do not worry because the The Lawn Business Success Course will put your mind at ease. This incredible resource will educate you on all legal matters and provide you with a comprehensive checklist to ensure that your lawn care business is legally compliant.

The special Bonus Book goes a step further by providing you with four collection letters that can be sent to those clients who may decide not to honor their agreement by refusing to pay you for services rendered. It’s important to remember that although contracts have been entered into, it’s a different matter trying to enforce them.

It’s a very costly endeavor trying to recoup monies owed, so these collection letters are an invaluable tool that safeguards you in the event that a client refuses to pay. They are provided without the exorbitant fees you would be charged if you approached a lawyer attempting to reclaim  monies owed.

Basic Information to include in the contract

  1. The date the contract was issued
  2. The location of the property where the lawn care services will be performed
  3. Specific details of the services to be provided like mowing and fertilizing for example.
  4. The terms of the payment, ie. Monthly, quarterly
  5. The name of the individual and business offering the services (contractor)
  6. The name of the individual and business accepting the services (client)
  7. A designated place for the contractor’s signature
  8. A designated place for the client’s signature
  9. Contact details such as address, cell and email address
  10. The lawn care company’s logo

Questions to consider for the preparation of your contract

  1. What is the length of time that the contract will last?
  2. How many hours will you be spending?
  3. What is the term of the payment and what method of payment is stipulated?
  4. What are the penalties if a failure to pay occurs despite the terms outlined in the agreement?