The lawn care business can indeed be very lucrative if you run your operation the right way. The key takeaway in that last sentence is about running the show the right way. What we mean is that there are ways that lead to success and there are paths which lead to imminent doom. One of the most important parts of the lawn care industry, or any business for that matter, is advertising. People won’t choose you to take care of their lawn care needs if they do not know who you are or if you don’t look the part. You need to find a good way to advertise your business in order to increase your client base.

Back in the day, so to speak, lawn care flyers were all the rage as the main form of advertisement. Businesses like your own would go to doors with a little colorful flyer describing the main components of the business, or maybe just leave it in the mailbox, hoping that someone would actually look at it before it gets thrown in the trash. This was the standard for a very long time, albeit not a very good standard, but it was really one of the only ways to go about it. However, times are changing and with this whole internet thing, lawn care flyers are becoming absolutely outdated and obsolete. Let’s talk about lawn care flyers, if they are good or not, and whether you should be taking advantage of more modern and effective advertising methods.

Pros of lawn care flyers

Even though lawn care flyers are outdated, no longer very effective, and kind of a pain in the butt, they did do a decent job at attracting clientele. Once again, this was mainly before this current age where the internet revolution has taken the world by storm. That being said, there were a few benefits to using this form of advertisement, however limited those benefits may have been.

One of the good parts about lawn care flyers is that they are relatively easy to produce. You can use something like Microsoft Word, Adobe Photoshop, Paint, or even some kind of free online flyer creation tool to make them.

Lawn care flyers allow you to easily target certain areas or homes. You can easily distribute them to a whole neighborhood or just target homes that look like they are in desperate need of lawn care.

Hmm, it doesn’t seem like there are too many benefits to using lawn care flyers as your main form of advertisement, does it? Well, if you haven’t caught on yet, it is because there are indeed very few benefits to using lawn care flyers for advertisement. It just is not that effective or cost efficient as it once was, and that is assuming that it was at one point effective in any way at all. Just because it used to be one of the only ways to advertise a lawn care business does not mean that it ever worked particularly well to begin with.

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Cons of lawn care flyers

Ok, so there are quite a few cons when it comes to advertising your landscaping and lawn care business with flyers, all of which are worth mentioning.

Lawn care flyers are going to be very expensive to produce en masse. It is not very cost effective. Now, consider that printing anything in color as opposed to boring old black and white, is going to cost you 2 to 4 times more for every sheet of paper printed. Imagine you are paying anywhere from 20 to 40 cents for every single copy you print, maybe a little less if you do it in bulk. Well, those prices quickly start to add up. Now, imagine you want to crop dust a whole neighborhood, or even a whole city with flyers. How many thousands of flyers do you think you can afford to print?

Lawn care flyers don’t walk to houses on their own; they need to be delivered by real-life people. So, you are going to need to take employees away from their usual duties to take these things to every single house. Sure, you could hire some extra personnel to get them to their destinations. Either way, the whole flyer distribution gimmick is time consuming and expensive too.

Most people see flyers as garbage, plain and simple. Think about how much junk mail you get and how much of it you throw in the trash without as much as a single glance. Most people won’t even look at your lawn care flyer, which is obviously a big problem.

Finally, lawn care flyers make you seem old and outdated as a business. Most people want the lawn care business they choose to reflect the modern day, not reflect the world as it was 20 or 30 years ago. Looking modern and up to date simply makes a business more attractive to the consumer.

Lawn care advertisement and the internet

There are many great reasons to be using the internet to advertise your lawn care business as opposed to flyers.

Many forms of advertising over the internet are free. You can use Facebook, Twitter, and other social media outlets to engage in totally cost free advertising. Sure, you can pay for some click-bait adds as well, but not even that is necessary.

Opening up your own website is often free as well. Yes, you can pay for a high-quality site, or you can just make your own for next to no cost at all. Being on Google and other search engines is key in terms of creating a client base and building brand recognition.

The internet does not require any kind of physical delivery like flyers do, which means saving time and money.

Sure, people may not look at your internet ad, but they also can’t just throw it out. People are much more likely to glance at an internet ad than some random piece of green paper in the mailbox.

Everybody uses the internet, so it only makes sense for you to do the same. You can even do a combo of flyers and internet ads if you really want.


The long story made short is that the world is changing and therefore your business needs to change as well. Lawn care flyers are obsolete and generally ineffective at building brand recognition as well as a solid clientele. It’s time to modernize and start using the internet to advertise your lawn care business.

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