Landscaping & Lawn Care Business Software

Deciding to set up a lawn care business is one thing, but making sure it runs properly and actually gives you the profit you desire is another. As you get more clients and your business grows, the simple operation that you began with will change as well. Setting up a lawn care business is relatively simple, but it gets more complex as your clientele grows.

When this happens, it’s best to be armed with specialized lawn care business software that will make your life a whole lot easier. You may think you don’t need it right now, but it’s worth looking into what having lawn care business software entails. You never know—this just might be one of the most important items you need to invest in so that your business will grow even more.

Why do you need lawn care business software?

No matter what kind of business you’re running, there are certain aspects of the operation that you have no other choice but to deal with. Accounting, for instance, is something you cannot escape because you really need to know what’s happening with your money. Good accounting software will save you all the headache and make sure that everything is running smoothly, numbers-wise. 

Running a lawn care business is no exception. You might think you’re just mowing lawns and cutting grass, but at the end of the day, it’s still a business that needs to be run efficiently. This means the need for business software is still there, and this is because of the following reasons.

It saves time and in the lawn business, time is gold

For most small- and medium-sized businesses, gone are the days of manually dealing with transactions because it’s just so much easier to have a computer do it for you. Keeping track of all your clients, transactions, invoices, vendors, and employees may seem like a simple task, but as you watch your business grow larger, this task also grows exponentially. With good business software, you save so many man hours in doing menial tasks that a computer can do so much faster. That means less overhead costs and less wages, translating to more profits for you.

There’s less room for human error

Investing in business software means you get the information you want as soon as you want it, in the most accurate version possible. The manual way of doing things is not only tedious and time consuming, it gives you a lot of room for error as well. Software eliminates the possibility of human error and gives you precise information when you need it.

It helps you make better decisions

Knowing where your business financially stands is something business owners need at all times. If you know your financial standing, you can make better decisions in dealing with competitors, clients, and other business stakeholders. When something happens in the market, you get to react better and faster. If you’re thinking of a certain intervention or of introducing something new, you get to check whether or not it’s feasible.

It makes your lawn care business scalable

You may think you don’t need the software now because you’re running a small operation. Investing in lawn care business software early in the lifetime of your business is actually better because it prepares you to scale up anytime you need to.

What aspects of your lawn care business can software help with?

To help you in deciding whether or not you actually need business software, you may want to take a look at what business software can do for you. And while not all software is made the same way, below are the typical aspects of business operations with which software can help you.

  • Scheduling—When you’re still starting out, scheduling will be simple and you might think you don’t need software. But once you get more and more clients and schedules start overlapping, software can help you make scheduling more efficient and maximize the resources that you have. It can also help you maximize your route.
  • Cost estimation—Having software to calculate how much each project costs will help you charge your customers the right amount. If you do it manually, there’s a chance that you either overcharge or undercharge, and neither is good for your business. If you want to be financially profitable and stable in the long run, then cost estimation software is essential.
  • Billing—Having software to help you with your billing requirements will take a lot off your plate, because keeping track of everything that your customers owe you can sometimes be very taxing. Doing it manually is not only time consuming, it also leaves so much room for errors.
  • Payment - Offering multiple payment methods will help your customers pay invoices faster. The use of credit and debit cards is now the preferred payment method for the vast majority of customers. 
  • Payroll—If your lawn care business is sizeable enough and you need to hire a lot of workers, then having software to help you compute and track payroll will also be handy.
  • Client Management - This can consist of various different functions and sophistication levels. Software may provide you the ability to communicate with your clients at key points before, during and after the job. Platforms may also offer a client hub where your customers can login for 24/7 support.
  • Accounting—You can also rely on software for other essential accounting tasks like budgeting, expenses, coming up with financial statements on demand, computing for taxes, and others.
  • Equipment inventory and maintenance - record details for all of your landscaping equipment, where and when you bought it, warranty details etc. The software will log these along with any other expenses and feed them into the accounting features. You will also be able to add scheduled maintenance requirements and the software will put reminders for you into your schedule.

What kind of lawn care business software should you get?

You may be convinced about the advantages of getting lawn care business software, but the next step is deciding exactly which software to get. This will depend on how complex your lawn care business is, and which aspects of the business you need help with.

There’s existing software used by small- to medium-scale businesses that you can just adapt to your lawn care business, such as Quickbooks, but there’s also software that’s really designed for lawns, such as LawnPro, LawnStarter, and Gopher Lawn Care Software. You can also customize your software suite to just include the capabilities that you want.

Don't forget, as well as Lawn Care Business Software,  there are Apps for your tablet or smartphone that can make a huge difference to your Lawn Care Business productivity. We recently reviewed 14 of the Best Lawn Care Business Apps for 2017. These apps are either really cheap or free so you make sure you have them on your device!

Lawn Care Business Software Products

There is certainly no shortage of options for software solutions for your lawn care business. Listed below is a complete list of all the Lawn Care and Landscaping Business Software Products that are currently available and competing for your subscription. These products range from a basic free service to providing everything you could ever wish for.

Product NameCompanyURLDescriptionIndicative Starting Price
2GO Mobileby 2GO Mobile Solutionswww.2gosoftware.comMobile field service automation solution that offers pre-delivery order taking, item sales history, signature and photo capture. $69.00/month/user
3D Renderingsby Visualization Software provides a unique in-home sales presentation tool.$30.00/month
ActiveApplicationsby UDS Green Industry SoftwareAccounting software designed for Landscape, Nursery and Greenhouse companies.
Arborgoldby Tree Management Systemshttp://resources.arborgold.comCreated to help you schedule, manage and market your business like nothing else on the market. It simplifies and streamlines your business making it easy to grow more efficiently.
Arborscape Proby Consyswww.consys.comSoftware for Green Care Industry - Tree Care, Landscaping, Lawn Care, Spraying and Urban Forester.
ArborSoftWorxby Creative Automation Solutionswww.arborsoftworx.comSoftware for Green Industries - the Arborist, Tree Care, Urban Forester, Landscape, Lawn Care, and Pest Control professionals.
Assetby Include Softwarewww.include.comRun your entire business with Asset. One Software. One Industry. Better Practices.$15,000.00/one-time/user
BestTools Softwareby BestTools Softwarebesttoolssoftware.comScheduling, billing, time tracking, piece work payouts, maintenance programs for lawn care business.
Clip Lawn Maintenance Softwareby Sensible Softwarewww.clip.comTired of losing client information, spending hours scheduling, never knowing which jobs are making money? $20.00/month
CompuScapesby solution for the professional interior or exterior landscape contractor.$6,500.00/one-time
DynaSCAPEby DynaSCAPE Softwarewww.dynascape.comLandscape design and business management software for landscape professionals.
EarthScapesby Visual Impact Design and Imaging Software that enables photo imaging, site plan design, job estimating and plant care. $1,195.00/one-time
FieldAwareby FieldAwarewww.fieldaware.comOur made-for-mobile, cloud-based software provides power, ease-of-use and total flexibility for better field service management. $70.00/month/user
Fleetmatics WORKby Fleetmatics WORKhttps://www.fleetmatics.comGet the most out of your team by eliminating inaccurate paperwork, gaining instant visibility into work schedules and efficiently getting information from the field to the office in real time.
Formitizeby, flexible paperless forms, Job Scheduling, CRM and Smart Automation all included in one powerful but super simple to use solution.$29.99/month/user
Ganini Mobileby Ganini Mobilewww.ganinimobile.comEnable your field employees to collect data for labor, equipment, and material costs through their smartphones. Quickbooks compatible.
Gardens On Taskby On Task Solutionswww.gardensontask.comHigh quality landscaping business software - manage customers, schedule crews, print work orders, generate invoices, and lots more.$12.50/month
GCADPlusby Design, easy to use CAD for landscapers. Many automated features. No ongoing fees, free upgrades and comprehensive training.$325.00/one-time/user
Gopherby Ditechwww.gophersoftware.comBilling, scheduling, estimates, routing, chemicals, and much more. Designed for lawn care and landscape companies.$99.00/one-time
Grounds Care System (GCS)by TurfCentricwww.turfcentric.comComprehensive software package for grounds management.
GroundsKeeper Proby Adkad Technologieswww.adkad.comCustom software for billing, scheduling, routing, estimating, & accounting for small to medium sized lawn & landscaping business. $479.00/one-time
IntuiTraceby Juniper mapping tool for maintenance and landscape installation contractors.$495.00/one-time
Keep It Easyby Keep It Easy Softwarehttps://keepiteasy.comFeatures include -Schedules, Invoices, Job Booking, SMS feature, Email, Mobile friendly, Cloud Based and more.$25.00/month
Land F/Xby for creating planting and irrigation plans with rich plant library, documentation management and customization options.
LandPro Systemsby Charles J. Fiore CompanyAdministration software with customer information management, billing tracking, and business progress monitoring functionality.
Lands Designby Asuni design software with 2D and 3D technical drawings, urban furniture block library, fast and intuitive user interface.$395.00/one-time
Landscape Estimatorby Landscape Solutionswww.landscapingestimator.comLandscape estimating software to quickly estimate all components of landscaping, including irrigation, walls, patios and more.$297.00/one-time
LandscapeBillingby Landscape Billing.comLandscape billing management software with built-in maps and driving directions, invoice management, tasks and job scheduling tools.
LawnApp360.comby Web Works for MeLawnApp360.comTrack your work from estimates to service completion and invoicing. Work from your PC or mobile device. Learn more about$29.99/month
LawnProby LawnPro SoftwareProfessional Lawn Care Business Software. LawnPro makes keeping track of your lawn care business easy.$29.00/month
LawnStarter Proby LawnStarterSchedule management, auto-pilot billing, and iPhone/Android apps for both your crews and customers. Free software for the modern LCO.
Lighthouse Field Serviceby control of your service business with simplified job scheduling, estimates, invoicing, and CRM tools.
LMNby Landscape Management Networkwww.golmn.comBudgeting, estimating, mobile timesheet & scheduling software that ensures landscape companies are profitable. Syncs with Quickbooks. $199.00/month
NetDispatcherby Service costs down with CRM, Dispatching, Scheduling , Recurring Service Orders, Mobile App and SaaS Low Startup Costs Free Trial.$19.00/month/user
PRO Landscapeby Drafix design software with image editor, proposal management functions and 2D drawing capabilities.$1,495.00/one-time/user
Pronexis Lawn Softwareby Pronexis Lawn maintenance CRM software for sales, routing, billing, etc. Cloud-based. Quickbooks integration. Lead generation. Virtual Office.
Punch! Home & Landscape Designby Encore Softwarewww.punchsoftware.comCreate your ideal landscape design before breaking ground.$199.99
QuickServiceby KJW solution designed for service based companies. Provides service dispatching, equipment, and purchase order management.$6,500.00/one-time
QuickStaffby Adoro Studioswww.quickstaffpro.comQuickstaff helps you schedule and organize your staff for your events/jobs - with ease and speed. Learn more about QuickStaff$20.00/month
RainCAD Suiteby Software and Land Illustrator combine to offer the complete irrigation and landscape design solution for any size company.$600.00/one-time/user
RealTime Landscapingby Idea Spectrumwww.ideaspectrum.comDesign houses, decks, fencing, yards, gardens, swimming pools, water features, and much more with easy-to-use tools. $79.95
Route Riteby Performance Software Technologieswww.gopst.comRoute service billing software for Pest Control, Carpet Cleaning, Water & Lawn Care.$695.00/one-time/user
SBI Software for Growersby Small Business InnovationsComplete POS, Inventory and Accounting solution for growers, garden centers and landscape distribution companies.
ScaperSoftby ScaperSoftscapersoft.comRobust software tool that allows landscapers and lawn care companies to run their business efficiently and profitably.$23.95/month
Service Assistantby RealGreen Systemswww.realgreen.comIncludes many integrated features: contact management, mapping, routing and scheduling, GPS handhelds, marketing, and more.
Service Autopilotby Backtell LLC
https://www.serviceautopilot.comA full business system with a focus on scheduling, time tracking and employee management.$47/month
ServiceM8by ServiceM8https://www.servicem8.comGreat for Landscaping businesses with less than 30 staff. Powerful management of estimates, scheduling, invoicing, maintenance schedules, customers, reporting & much more. Cut admin time dramatically by sending invoices directly into your accounting package. 35c per job
ServMaxby IRIS Systemswww.irissystems.bizSoftware that automates route scheduling, sales and prospect tracking, and financial management for the service industry. $525.00/one-time/user
Sitefotosby Pahobeewww.sitefotos.comCloud based photo documentation and mapping tools for the mobile workforce.
SLICEplusby Slice Technologieswww.sliceplus.comSLICEplus for Landscape Contracting: Estimating, Bidding, Production, Inventory, and Accounting.
SmartDraw Landscape Designby SmartDrawwww.smartdraw.comEasy design software that helps you create perfect landscape, garden, deck, and patio plans in minutes.$197.00/one-time/user
SortScapeby SortScapesortscape.comSuper simple job scheduling and time tracking for your landscape maintenance crews. Schedule repeating visits, file issues, track time and expenses, enter timesheets and message your customers all from your laptop, tablet or mobile phone. $29.00/month
Summit Service Systemsby Ritam Technologieswww.ritam.comBusiness management software for work-order based service businesses. Features include billing, service dispatching, mapping, and more.
The Service Programby Westrom add-on service software with dispatch, routing, work order, maintenance schedules, GPS, mobile and customer service tools. $49.00/month/user
Turnkey Business Assistantby Turnkey Business Solutionstbs4u.comOrder management system with job tracking capabilities specifically for landscaping companies.$499.00/year
Vectorworks Landmarkby VectorworksVectorworks Landmark software gives landscape architects, designers, and urban planners a platform to design in their own way.
Verdantby Digital Elementwww.digi-element.comPhotoshop plugin that allows users to randomize, rotate, scale, and place plants and trees in Photoshop.$179.00/one-time/user
VieDispatchby VieBase TechnologiesVieDispatch Service Company Software can incorporate your current processes and procedures.
Virtual Property Architectby Vision Scape design software with a catalog of real products that could be used in 3D designs and 2D CAD plans.
VizTerraby Structure Studios3D landscape design software customized for professional landscape and hardscape designers, builders and architects.
Wintaclawnby Wintaclawn Lawn Software Built with everything lawn care and landscaping companies need$25.00/month/user
YardViewby Cypress Inlandwww.yardview.comNet yard management software to help manage your inventory to your warehouse - the most expensive mile in the supply chain.$1,500.00/month

Best lawn care business software in 2017 - our Top 5

We've conducted  a review of this huge selection of lawn care business software products to identify our top 5 recommendations. What you choose will depend on the features and functions that you require and how much you are willing to pay. Customer service support is also an important factor to consider when buying lawn care software as this can vary from excellent to non-existent.

Furthermore, most software companies offer free trials, money-back guarantees or even a basic version of their platform for free. Custom features can also usually be added on a pay per feature basis.

We think our top 5 lawn business software choices below offer you the best bang for your buck. We've included the key features and and the applicable price range for each and highlighted our favourite top pick:

Lawn Pro

Choose the pricing that fits your business needs

15 day Free Trial

Monthly or Lifetime Plans

  • Scheduling
  • Maps & Routing
  • Invoices & Estimates
  • Payments & Expenses
  • Multi User Access
  • Equipment Inventory
  • Items & Services
  • Client Portal
  • Reports


$29 / month

Service Auto pilot

Fully Automation of your Lawn Care Business

Free Tour & 30 day Money-back Guarantee

$47 to $80 p/m

  • Scheduling
  • Maps & Routing and tracking
  • Accounting
  • Client Portal
  • Invoicing & Estimates
  • GPS Mapping property measurement
  • Dashboard and reporting
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)


$47 / month


Budget friendly one time charge

Free 30 day trial

One-time charge - no recuring monthly fees

Basic, Plus or Pro versions

  • Scheduling
  • Job routing
  • Billing
  • Materials inventory control
  • Estimating
  • Equipment Inventory


only $99

one time charge

WintaC lawn

Intuitive Software, Easy to use from any device

Free 30 day trial

$25/mo. for the 1st Full Office user

$3/mo. each Mobile-Only user

  • Scheduling & Dispatch
  • Projects & Proposals
  • Invoicing & Payments
  • Integrations
  • Employee Management
  • Customer Management
  • Mobile Access


$25 / month

Keep it Easy

best for small lawn businesses

Free 30 day trial

$25 p/m - no contract

  • Job Management
  • Invoicing
  • Accounting
  • Client Management
  • Notes & Reminders
  • Letters, SMS & Email
  • Reports


$25 / month


Ultimately, whether or not you should get lawn care business software is a decision you need to make yourself, depending on the circumstances. It’s definitely an added investment, and of course an added cost, but you have to look at the short- and long-term benefits and weigh it against that. In most cases, it’s an investment that’s worth making.