Choosing the correct name for your business is imperative. It’s important to think about a name that is easily recognizable and one that can be effortlessly remembered. It needs to be unique yet not obscure. It must be catchy yet not tacky. If this is beginning to sound too arduous a task, have no fear as Lawn Marketing 101, the insider’s top secret guide is the ideal resource to assist you on your quest for the perfect company name.

Begin with the macro research phase. A basic Google search produced approximately 3,740,000 search results when entering the phrase lawn care businesses, Los Angeles. Evidently, it’s essential to distinguish your company from the multitude of others competing for the same customers.

Performing a company business search via yellow pages online will reveal pages and pages of available search results and this is searching via a specific city (Los Angeles) in the US.

Let’s analyze some of the search results to assess good, bad and some of the best options. This type of evaluation will greatly assist you in selecting a name that is memorable and distinguishable from the countless others.

“Maintaining Mother Earth” – This is a clever name that people who are environmentally focused will remember. This specific name may even encourage people to select this company simply because the name conveys a care for the environment and in turn your lawn and maintenance.

If you’re targeting environmentally minded customers, for example by offering only organic and natural products, fertilizers, weed killers etc, then it’s a great idea to choose a name that embodies the ethos of the very customers you’re seeking to attract.

“Muhlestein Randolph” – This is an example of a poorly chosen name. It does not communicate anything about the company, its services or desired customers.

Additionally, many people might find it off putting to even call a company that they have difficulty pronouncing. It would be rather embarrassing calling a phone number and checking whether you had the correct company name and number only to discover that you’re mispronouncing the company’s name.

Another problem with this name is that it seems to be more of an exercise in vanity than anything else. Unless you have a unique family history, like your family has been involved in the lawn care and maintenance business for 100 years then there’s really no benefit in using a family name for your lawn care business.

“Earth First Pest Control” – This is an example of an average name, as it has both positive and negative aspects. The positive aspect of this name is that like the first company name mentioned, the name itself makes it identifiable with people who care about the environment and are seeking a lawn care company that shares these values.

The customer instantly recognizes that this company cares about the environment and might very well use environmentally friendly products. However, by including the term ‘pest control’ in its company name, it’s very misleading.

In fact prospective customers searching for a lawn care business might completely disregard this company because they will assume and understandably so that the company focuses only on pest control. Yellow Pages provides a brief description next to the company’s name and online it states that this company is a landscaping and lawn services’ company, hence the confusion created by the company’s name.

“Optimal Landscape” – Doesn’t this name easily and quickly communicate what the company focuses on? Interestingly, this is also a smart play on words, as the landscape can refer to the physical landscape and also tells the prospective customer that they’re in the business of landscaping. It’s clever, simple to pronounce, conveys a sense of pride and confidence by using the word optimal and easy to remember.

Furthermore, just as what is assumed from the name, the company specializes in landscaping, lawn services and gardeners.

Now that you have done the research and created a few winning choices, there is a list of pertinent questions to ask yourself. Once answered, it will undoubtedly shed light on the situation and lead you to easily and effectively choose the best name for your lawn care business.

1. Is your chosen company name already being used in the city and or online?

2. Is the selected name easy to remember? A name that is too wordy, is difficult to pronounce, too vague or complicated will make it forgettable.

3. If you want to sell your company in the future, will this name assist you or possibly prevent you from a successful sale of business? Think about the previous example, unless your family has a thriving and established history in running a lawn care business, will your family’s name help or hinder your ability to sell the business?

Your company’s name is the first impression you will make on potential customers. It’s vital to remember that one can only make 1 first impression, so it’s imperative you make it memorable and in the positive sense of the word. The Lawn Business Success Course will amongst many other things, help you to ensure that you make a lasting impression on your potential customers, ensuring a successful lawn care business ensues.