If you live in a small town, with just a few thousand people, your best way to get lawn care customers would be to “get the word out” by telling neighbors and friends about your new business. Word-of-mouth is generally the most effective way to become known for a certain skill or service. This method is less effective as the size of the community grows.

When you want to market a new business on a larger scale, you need to choose your methods carefully, and use them correctly. In the 21st century, the path to success in small business is a combination of at least two methods, preferably three or four. However, you must first avoid taking the wrong steps, and in doing so, avoid wasting time and money.

Social Media

Your marketing should be focused on the best way to get lawn care customers. At this point in your business life you should not pay advertising money or do any other marketing with the goal of establishing your brand. This will be a side benefit of any other action you take to get new customers.

Remind yourself every day – You are trying to build a base of people who will pay you to mow their lawn, trim bushes, clean and rake their property etc.

Social media should be part of your marketing plan. There are good ways to do this, but you must remain focused on driving growth. Too many businesses, established and new, throw money away by placing ads in a local newspaper and then sitting back, waiting for people to call. There is a place for advertising in local and area newspapers, but this method must be used in combination with more aggressive action.

What is the purpose of social media, as it applies to building a lawn care business? One specific task involves communicating with customers to let them know about discounts and special offers. You should also use social media to encourage friends and current customers to share. The object is, of course, to get new leads. If a few individual show interest during this process, it’s up to you to get in touch with them directly.

Phone, Mail

If you have gathered names and contact information, even a phone number, you should call those individuals. But you must be ready to make some type of offer when you do. You can certainly call new leads and tell them about your business. At the very least, you will be doing something positive. But you may want to take a cue from the direct marketing industry: Make an offer of some kind when you talk with a potential client.

You should also make an offer if you mail information to homes and businesses. The offer may be something as basic as “10 percent off first cutting.” But you should never, ever, send anything out without an offer of some type. With this in mind, you should avoid one of the major mistakes new businesses make. They don’t establish a mailing list.

Before getting into details on this subject, remind yourself: You’re looking for the best way to get lawn care customers. It doesn’t hurt to write this on a card and tape it where you can see it every day. Use this successful technique – email. It’s rather easy to build an email marketing system.

Start now by collecting names and email addresses. Send messages on a periodic basis. Regular is best (but not too often). Remember to include an offer or some helpful information that truly benefits the customer.

Customer Feedback

Don’t just send an email to be sending “something.” They call this spamming and you don’t want to get into this habit. You can ask a question before creating your email message, such as “What is important to the customer?” As you build your customer list and use various methods to put the word out, be sure to collect customer feedback.

Successful businesses, especially those with active websites, understand that testimonials and reviews are very effective in marketing. You can gain attention using this method correctly. In addition, you will learn what’s working for your customers, and you will learn what needs to be changed. Try one of the good, online survey applications. Be focused and don’t waste the customer’s time with lengthy questioning.

Know your business and do your best to let others know it.